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 +====== Speaker Infos ======
 +We try to provide the environment for live transcripts. You can help us with this a lot by sending us some of your materials ahead of the talk.
 +We need: any non common words used in your talk like technical terms or names.
 +It would also help if you could provide us with your slides.
 +===== Before the talk =====
 +Please provide us with a list of any non-common words used in your talk, like technical terms or names.\\
 +It would also help if you could send us your slides.
 +===== During the talk =====
 +During the talk you can also support us:
 +  * try not to to speak fast
 +  * speak in whole sentences
 +  * do not speak at the same time as another speaker
 +==== Prepared scripts and videos ====
 +You've prepare a script for your talk? It would be awesome, if you provided us (and btw. also the translators) with your script in advance. (even drafts)\\
 +Of course we will keep this strictly confidential and use it for no other purposes than preparing subtitles.
 +You're going to show a video? And maybe there even already are subtitles for it? We would be very greatful, if you could tell us about that in advance. But even if there are no subtitles for it yet, we would have the opportunity to prepare subtitles in advance for such a fixed content within your talk.
 +If you have any questions about that, just contact us!
 +===== Any questions? =====
 +If you have any questions or would like to send us your slides or word lists please contact us here: or via Twitter: [[|@c3subtitles]]
 +Thanks for your support!