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 ===== I want to create subtitles for the recordings ===== ===== I want to create subtitles for the recordings =====
 +Great! Please read the [[https://​​wiki/​en:​postprocessing:​contribute|manual]]. Carefully.
 +=== Why don't we usually use the live subtitles for creating the subtitles for the recordings? ===
 +First, because we don't have access to them right after congress. They are kept in a database that is within some hardware, not accessible to us during dismantling an the days/weeks after that.
 +But also just because they are not usefull. Just compare our live subtitles with the work of some interpreter in live shows in TV with the acurate translation of a subtitle of a movie, that was well prepared. You would not use the stammering – sorry – of the first, to create an acurate replication of what was that if you have the time for that.
 +It's usually quite less work, to just rewrite word by word (but that continously) again, than to correct and jump and copy here and delete there and change the capitals, etc. Believe us, we tried quite some times. There MIGHT be exceptions to this rule, but than we can deal with them exceptionally also.
 FIXME **Needs more content!** FIXME **Needs more content!**
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